Thursday, April 2, 2009

As a Denver Broncos fan...

...I have been watching with stunned horror what has been happening to my team this off-season. Firing Mike Shanahan was almost unforgivable. But this McDaniels cat has pissed all over everything good Shanahan had built in the past few years. He alienated Jay Cutler (say what you will about him, he is a good QB) to pursue that flash-in-the-pan Matt Cassell, gutted the coaching staff, made questionable acquisitions, needlessly overhauled a solid offensive scheme and coutless other screw-ups. And Kyle Orton. Kyle-goddamn-Orton?! Does McDaniels intend to use this failure as a starter? Given his clear record of clinical insanity, I wouldn't be surprised.

I grimace at the fact of having to NOT want Denver to win the Super Bowl. Perhpas if they fail hard enough, Bowlen will snap out of whatever nonsense has overtaken his brain and fire that Belichick mini-me, McDaniels. And I just can't stand watching these...people win a championship with my team. It's like watching the marriage of someone you used to love to a guy you know is a bastard. 

I could go on about this forever, but I just needed to vent. Feel free to ignore this tangent.


UPDATE: Oh, look at this prattling fool. This franchise treated Cutler like crap. They gutted his coaching staff, tried to trade him behind his back, trashed the offensive scheme he was working in (which, by the way, had them at the #2 offense in the league last year). They all but called him a whiny asshole in the media. This whole series of events is unforgivable.

Look, I'm from Denver. We take football very seriously. I always loved the Broncos--we had the most loyal fan base and we had the best owner in the league. But it seems like Bowlen was complicit in all this madness. That man is dead to me. 

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